About Museum De Voorde

There are all kinds of people in your neighbourhood. One neighbour likes gangster rap, another loves classical music. Maybe the people at the end of the street head to a nudist beach in summer, while others from the next block visit Morocco. Isn’t it strange that there are so many differences between the people in your neighbourhood? Have you ever wondered where they come from? And how to deal with them?

Museum De Voorde in Zoetermeer is a museum that touches on the differences and the similarities between people. By organising activities revolving around hot topics and exhibitions, the museum shows we are more alike than we think we are. And that it’s okay to be yourself.

The basis for our exhibitions is our Collection Popular Design from the 1950’s to the present day. The collection reflects different and evolving lifestyles. We invite you to discover the stories behind the objects and discuss them with your family, friends and colleagues.

Museum De Voorde –  it’s all about you and me, here and now


Museum De Voorde for non-Dutch speakers and tourists

Museum De Voorde welcomes you

So what if you don’t speak Dutch? No problem! Our big temporary exhibitions have been translated into English – ask for a free translation sheet at the ticket counter.

We also offer tailored group tours on demand. Some of our activities for adults and children are also suitable for non-Dutch speakers. Just come by to visit the exhibition or contact us to book a group activity.

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Please scroll down for news on our current exhibitions and for all info you need to plan your trip to Museum De Voorde in Zoetermeer.

Current exhibitions

Our first exhibition revolves around six generations and the things they share: This is who we are! This exhibition is about generations, and consequently also about you.

You  have been shaped by your upbringing and your environment. The time in which you mature and become an adult, between the ages of 15 and 25, is very decisive in this. You grow up together in the same generation. You experience major events together, such as an attack or a crisis. Or important innovations, such as the emergence of the internet. You share highlights in fashion, music and television. How you deal with freedom, equality, respect and love, is something becomes manifest in the rest of your life. The ‘zeitgeist’ determines to a large extent your current view of the world.

This is who we are!

What has shaped us? Why do we sometimes react in the same way and sometimes differently? Do we understand each other? In the exhibition ‘This is who we are!’ you’ll come to understand how baby boomers resemble millennials and why the silent generation isn’t really all that silent. You’ll get to see icons from every generation: from the ‘Tientje van Lieftinck’ (the ten-guilder note from post WWII Dutch finance minister Lieftinck) to the corset worn by Anita Doth (2 Unlimited) in the video ‘No Limit’. You’ll play retro games on an old fashioned Arcade machine and discover how the financial crisis is related to Flippos (Tazos). The zeitgeist is also reflected in art and photography: from visual art by Ferdi Tajiri-Jansen and Karel Appel to documentary photography by Ron Haviv.

An English translation of the texts in the exhibition is available.

Current activities

Please visit our activities page (in Dutch). Or contact us for information about current activities suitable for English speakers by mail at: activiteiten@museumdevoorde.nlor by telephone: 079 316 4735

Find the perfect gift in Zoetermeer

Are you looking for a nice gift? Such as a fun game or a nice design item? Do you feel like drinking a good cup of coffee during your shopping spree in Zoetermeer’s city center? Access to the museum giftshop and the museum cafe is free of charge.

Plan your trip to Museum De Voorde

Opening hours

Tuesday through Sunday 10:00 - 17:00 hrs. Closed: January 1 and December 25


Museum De Voorde
Zuidwaarts 2 
2711 HA Zoetermeer
079 316 4735 Info@museumdevoorde.nl

Planning your trip using public transport

Getting there by car

There is free parking for two hours in one of the car parks surrounding the museum. Please see Google Maps for navigation.  

Entry fee

Adults: € 8.50
Children under 13: free
Ages 13 to 18: € 5.50
Discount card holders Zoetermeerpas,
CJP (Cultureel Jongeren Paspoort): € 3,50
Museumkaart / ICOM, Vrienden: free


Groups of over 15 people € 5.50 per person

Guided tours: € 65 per group, with a maximum of 15 people (plus the entry fee for each person).

Educational activity for schools and BSO’s: € 55 per group, with a maximum of 32 pupils/students. Free of charge for teachers.

Guided tours for people with disabilities: on request: € 65 ; helpers € 3

please inform us beforehand to book a guided group tour.


Museum De Voorde prefers payment by Maestro bankcard.*

*Would you rather pay in cash? Please bring the exact amount. Thank you!

The Museum Card (Museumkaart)

Would you like to visit many Dutch museums with a big discount? You can get a Dutch Museum Card at our ticket counter and visit both Museum De Voorde and (almost) all Dutch museums for free as of the day of purchase.

The Museumkaart is € 64.90 for adults (ages 19 and up).  For teenagers aged 13 through 18 the Museumkaart is € 32.45. For children under the age of 13 the kid’s Museumcard also costs € 32.45.

We look forward to welcoming you at Museum De Voorde and hope to see you soon!